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 Stéphanie Henao is a watercolor artist. Like the language of watercolor, it is spontaneous and straightforward when it speaks of a first passion then evolving into a profession: painting on porcelain. After graduating from the School of Applied Arts in Paris, she worked in several renowned porcelain factories, in particular that of Chantilly, a royal factory since 1735. Specializing in porcelain painting, she also became a professor to teach this technique which requires real meticulous work. This art of meticulousness and precision is reflected today in the never-ending gesture of his watercolor paintings. She uses mixed techniques: ink drawn enhanced by touches of wash or gold leaf to suggest the atmosphere and color.
Its inspiration draws from the visual and emblematic material of Provence and takes us to the discovery of its historical heritage: ancient and medieval atmospheres of Vaison-la-Romaine, cabins of Provence in sepia colors. Stéphanie Henao highlights the subtle affinities between art and history in this sun-drenched region. She invites us to push through the ancient doors of the upper town as much as that of her imagination and takes us on a pictorial journey to a more distant south, an inspiring elsewhere where the sacred dance of the scarabs of ancient Egypt is revealed. These watercolors evoke the symbols of these dazzling civilizations blooming on the banks of the Nile. The sure and precise gesture of his pictorial works enhanced with gold leaf, thus seems to borrow the undulating path of the nourishing and luminous water of the great African river to fertilize our gaze, announcing the flood of an inspiration never contradicted by his abstract paintings in colored inks.

She exhibits her watercolors at the Nartex Artshop.

Collections of sacred scarabs

Limited editions of 50 copies of my original watercolor. Signed and numbered. Hand-enhanced watercolors with gold leaf. 95 euros.



21, grande rue 84110 Vaison-la-Romaine

06 19 68 51 23

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