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Biographer, author

Philippe Turrel, born in 1962, graduate in sociology of culture, has devoted a large part of his life to promoting heritage in Switzerland and France.  The origins and transmission of memory are at the heart of his interests and his profession as a biographer.   Since 2003, he has to his credit an important publication on one of the Franco-Swiss families and industrialists.
Author, he has participated in several works on patronage in archeology.  He  is a designer of cultural exhibition projects related to art and heritage for private and public Swiss institutions. For these different activities, it was distinguished,  in 2018,  the rank of  Knight in the Order of Academic Palms. In 2019, the municipality of Boncourt in Switzerland entrusted it with an important mission to promote its historical heritage, which is divided between Lausanne and the south of France. Co-founder of Nartex, for which  he oversaw the design and implementation with César Henao.

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